The door swung open violently, the handle encrusted itself to the wall.

He smiled, he was proud, it was the source of his joy, he couldn't wait until the next time. Doors were not the only things he was proud of kicking in ... many unfortunate suspects needed extensive dental work after he was done with them.

“FBI”, he shouted as he walked into the room, both hands extended, brandishing his weapon.

POP.........., sounded like a balloon popped. He turned around to look at the source of the noise but his legs gave way and he landed flat on his back, the gun escaping his grip landed under the sofa. He was looking at the ceiling. The air felt heavy. A silhouette hovered above him. His eyes focused and he saw a pistol aimed at his face. The kid sneered as he pressed the trigger. The gun misfired … 4 more clicks ......... “Damn” the little punk uttered, he saw a quick movement before he felt what many of his former suspects had undoubtedly felt. His mouth filled with blood and the fragments of shattered teeth . The kid laughed as he walked away.

Breathing was a struggle … he could not move. He was all alone . He was dying. I can't die now, not like this, it is not my time, this is not right.

God, please!, don't let me die”, he smiled as he remembered, he was an atheist.

To be continued...............................