Starry night

9in x 7in    Oil on Tela
October 20

Original $75.00

If you would like to purchase this daily painting,
please send me an email


Mystey Artist said...

Great! I like the idea of the starry sky. beautiful! I also did a new piece. do stop by. I,m adding this one to today's inspirational art piece linked to your blog. cheers!!

Quick Weight Loss said...

I've always love the ocean scenery, Love this one! Beautiful!

Benny "THE TANK" said...

Paintings like these make me want to move to the coast right now! It provides a feeling of isolation that we all need sometimes, but does it with a touch of fantasy that stimulates the imagination. Great work!

Benny "The Tank"

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Uncle MythMan J said...

Looks like a good evening-meditation backdrop.