An kingdom for an easel

I hear the words in my head ... "Just go to the store and buy one! Hundreds to choose from." Well, it's not that easy. You see, I am not a "follow the crowd" kind of artist. I buck the trend, because the trend is not good enough. So, I read this blog (here) ... you can read it too ... and I say, "Easel ... easy enough ... I can make my own from recovered recycled materials. But the materials are not something I can go and get just any time ... patience. When needed, they will become available ... believe it ... everything comes when it is needed.

I am perusing Good Will's "last chance" store and what do I see? A tripod ... a telescope tripod ... made out of wood. Where is the telescope? Would love to find it but no luck. The tripod is, however, the beginning of my NEW easel. It sits there in the corner ... I see it ... my brain is churning ... it just sits there. On Friday, at Sam's club, I'm paying for my groceries and there, staring at me, is a big cardboard box. It's there for the taking ... free. I take it home. Today, it all came together ... the tripod, the card board box, the glue gun, the knife ... and ... I am happy! I HAVE AN EASEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ... I'm wondering ... did Rembrandt or da Vinci have an easel? Did they get it out of the Sears catalog?


Neen said...

*LOL* And a fine lookin' easel it IS too!
I'm always repurposing. When we had to put metal posts in for a small fence my husband asked me where that old post pounder was that he'd found last year. "What's it look like?" "Ohhh, you mean my VASE in the dining room?" "VASE???"

1mati said...

si lo buscas lo encontraras, solo has de dejarlo venir... si, estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo.
el otro dia estaba buscando una planta, un aloe-vera, y no habia forma, en el supermercado estaba muy fea la que habia y no la compre.
fui a comprar incienso a una herboristeria y la chica que nos atendio, que es amiga, me dijo que si queria una plantita de aloe¡¡¡
que se las habian traido para regalar¡¡¡
fue "causalidad" que no casualidad
un besazo

Diana said...

How clever! It looks awesome.

JOE TODD said...

Sometimes things just work out

r garriott said...

Very fun! Hope this suits your eneeds for the moment.

For years I worked without an easel, propping canvases onto the top edge of other canvases, leaned against the wall. Once I got an easel, it took time to get used to it!