Quandry...I need your help!

Is this a real photo?
let me know
I really need your help
August 27,2010


SquirrelQueen said...

Do mean real as in a place or real as opposed to photo shopped?

It looks like it would be a great place to spend the night after a long day's hike.

Art Ist said...

I mean real, as you can touch it real. BBQ and hot dogs for all

zen said...

Did you see my tweet comments? It's a fake.

The focal plane of the rocks extends beyond to the trees behind, yet the the roofline is NOT in focus.

Also, the shadowline of the roof joists do not match the shadowline underneath the gazebo (onto the rocks).

Additionally, if you look closely at the three support poles on the right, they are all the same pole (see pattern).